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History and Philosophy

History and Philosophy

(ATTORNEYS COSTA RICA) At Navas & Navas, our main goal is to be considered more than suppliers of legal services; we aim to be acknowledged as our clients’ trusted attorneys, as their allies, their business partners and advisors. We identify with our clients; we commit with their cases and goals, and protect their interests, always within the boundaries of legality and seeking the highest levels of justice and efficiency.

Our firm was founded in 1979 by Rogelio Navas Gutiérrez, Esq. who obtained a Master’s Degree in Comparative Law from the University of Columbia, New York. He was also Chief Advisor of the Costa Rican Embassy in Washington D.C. and Ambassador of Costa Rica before the Organization of American States (OAS). Mr. Navas was known as well for his interest and continuous investigation of legal terms in English, all of which lead him to publish his book “English-Spanish Law Dictionary”.

After a brilliant career at the Judicial Branch, in which she occupied positions such as Labor Judge, Judge of the Court of Appeals, Prosecutor and Chief of the Public Defense Department, in 1984, attorney Gloria Navas Montero became part of our firm.

Both professionals have excelled for their incessant search for excellence in the practice of law, all of which has allowed them to make important contributions to the Costa Rican juridical system. Said interest has been transmitted, for over 30 years, to the following generations of attorneys who have been, and still are, part of Navas & Navas’ legal staff.