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COSTA RICA ATTORNEYS AND NOTARY PUBLICS - Navas & Navas is a Costa Rican full-service law firm gathering professionals committed to provide high-quality legal services. Our lawyers constantly provide counseling to local clients, as well as to foreign individuals and corporations, mainly from the United States, Canada and Europe. Our practice areas include:

  • Criminal Law.
  • Litigation.
  • Alternative Conflict Resolution and Negotiation.
  • Corporate Law (incorporation and company start-ups).
  • Immigration Law (residencies and working permits).
  • Labor Law (handling of disputes and corporate employment structures).
  • Family Law (marriages, divorces, alimony and visitation agreements).
  • Corporate Law (incorporations, start-ups, permitting and licenses).
  • Intellectual Property (trademarks and copyrights).
  • Real Estate Law (land purchases, construction, leases and mortgages).
  • Consumers’ Rights and Unlawful Competition Law.
  • Foreign Firm Representation Law.
  • Law and Regulations of Cooperatives, Associations and ONGs.

We handle each case individually and provide customized solutions to meet our clients' specific needs.

“I’d like to thank you and your staff / colleagues; (…) for your work with H….’s case. (…) We did not know you, but through your communication (…), opinions and choices, we felt reassured that ….’s case was in the best hands!” T.Bjorgen